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Embroidery tapestry, silk, threads
15 x 22.4 in. (38 x 57 cm)

This is an embroidery made by hand and a sewing machine. The lips correspond to the movement of the mouth saying the word “epri”. “Epri” is an informal word used in some parts of Colombia such as Sahagún, in Córdoba, where my great grandmother and my grandmother were, and San Andrés Islas where my mother is from. It is a word pronounced with frequency from my mother to express a feeling of disagreement or critique, it works as a “unbelieve” in an argumentative way. It is a word that resonates within me.

Each syllable of the word “Epri” is represented by a set of lips. The title of the piece is based on the Spanish Pronunciation guide for English speakers. Therefore the title will always be pronounced perfectly in Spanish.