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Boh-goh-tah ee Chicago
Boh-goh-tah ee Chicago
Embroidery tapestry, cotton fabric, threads
55 x 40 in. (139,27 x 101,6 cm)

Part of the collection Talk To Me / Háblame. This is an embroidery made by hand and a sewing machine. The lips correspond to the movement of the mouth saying the word 'home' in Spanish, 'hogar'. Each mouth in the embroidery represents one syllable of the word 'hogar'. The lips on the bottom are placed on the piece according to the latitude and longitude of Bogotá, Colombia. The lips on the top correspond to the latitude and longitude of Chicago, United States. The title of the piece is spelled phonetically as it’s pronounced in Spanish so that English speakers can pronounce it perfectly.

Photo by CCB / Julián Tellez