Performances > Machera Series 6

This piece was performed during the preview and vernissage of EXPO CHICAGO, an exposition of Contemporary and Modern Art. It was part of the show 'By the Horns' curated by Meredith Weber, Program Director of the Industry of the Ordinary.

This installment is a variation on the Machera Series 5. It has the same concept of reciprocity as revealed by a black ring that the performers use to dance with. The stretchy fabric acts as a third dancer that unifies the performers. It also refers to the gender roles in Hispanic dances such as Salsa and Meregue.

The performance took place in different aisles where the viewers didn’t expect a performance until the performers stood up and held the fabric ring with their waists.

Performed by Liliana Castellanos and Johana Moscoso. Photos by Nancy Dayanne Valladares and Meredith Weber.