Performances > Machera Series 5

This project was performed in two venues, once during “ArtBash” at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts in Michigan City, IN, and once during the opening of “Document” curated by Jessica Cochran at Woman Made Gallery. These installments are a variation on the Machera Series 2. However, this installment has two performers instead of four, and the concept of reciprocity is revealed by a black ring that the performers dance with. The stretchy fabric acts as a third performer that unifies the performers.

The music used was Salsa and Merengue. These styles of music are usually danced in couples of one man and one woman. The couple's movements are in sync, but the man always leads. It ends up being a game in which balance between the two genders is required.

Machera Series 5 was performed twice every hour for three hours. The performers danced for ten minutes. The white powder and the red shoes were left on stage between performances. The white powder was not replenished and kept the traces made by all of the performances.

Commissioned by the Lubeznik Center for the Arts.

Performed by Liliana Castellanos and Johana Moscoso. Photos by Nancy Dayanne Valladares.