Performances > Machera Series 4

This project was performed during the Chicago Artist month in Chicago at the Chicago Center for Green Technology. It is part of Trailer Park Projects, a space supported by the IPRAC Institute of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture. This installment is very similar to the Machera Series 3. However, in this installment a visual effect was included, the leggings of the performers were in different colors, as well as the shoes. They were black and red. The viewer got confused about how many performers were dancing. The performance was performed four times, once every hour. The door of the truck was opened below the knees of the performers. The lights inside the truck turn on as well as the loud latino music. The performers danced a for ten minutes. The truck moved and jumped along with the movement of the performers.

Curated by Meredith Weber and Caitlin Ryan and performed by Mary Tilden, Janeth Palacios, Liliana Castellanos y Johana Moscoso. Photos by Scott A. Carter