Performances > Machera Series 1

This project is an ongoing series of performances that investigates narratives of South American culture through dancing. It is a performance project that is continuously presented in different forms, venues and art spaces. Machera Series 1 took place at Roots & Culture Contemporary Art Center. The piece was installed at the end of the main gallery. It had a floating wall that covered the performers. The viewer could only see the performers’ legs from the knee to the feet. For 15 minutes every hour of the opening night, the light of the entire gallery went off. The lights behind the floating wall went on, as well as loud Latin music. The performers started dancing salsa and merengue. After 15 minutes the music turned off and the performers stayed frozen. The gallery lights turned on and the performers moved freely, behind the wall for the entire opening.

Performed by: Sarah Ely, Mary Tilden, Janeth Palacios, Liliana Castellanos y Johana Moscoso. Photos by Scott A Carter. 2012