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Ellas/Them (Women)

Ellas / They (women)

Feeling identified with Gabriela Mistral’s women in her “Mad Women” poems, noticing that there were many women in one book, closing the book and realize that at the end there are many women in each woman. Following this pattern is how in this video there are different women in one.

Ellas / They (women) is a recompilation of different women that have contribute to the idea of sex education that I got in my country Colombia. Along with a research about how sex education is reflected in the young Latino’s population in the states.

Sex education goes along with miss stories that sometime teach us something or women who’s input is strong. Those who women whose profile are as strong as Almodovar characters, aunts, mothers, cousins and close friends that become those lights were everything looked dark loony after a bad experience.

Video commissioned by the SexEd Project for the exhibition "SexEd: Chapter 1" at Cuchifritos gallery Feb. 9-Mar. 10, 2013.